Spring Into Art Exhibition

The Spring Into Art exhibition is part of the Wahroonga Public School Spring Fair 2019. This is your opportunity to:

  • showcase your artwork to thousands of people at the Fair and on social media
  • sell, if desired, your artwork and make a little money while also raising money for the Wahroonga Public School
  • feature (if selected) in the best 20 artworks chosen to appear in a silent auction at the Fair, where you will receive 75% of the sales price
  • promote your artwork. Established artists may include a business card to be displayed alongside their work at the exhibition.

Entries close 30 August 2019 at 4pm.

Please carefully read all of the Conditions of Entry below, before submitting your Exhibition Entry Form and your completed artwork.



The Spring Into Art exhibition will occur on Saturday 7 September, 2019 during the Wahroonga Public School Spring Fair. The theme of the exhibition is “spring”. The cost of entering an artwork is $10 per entry – you may enter more than once. The sales price of any artworks will be divided between the Wahroonga Public School P&C and the artist, whereby the P&C will receive 25% of all sales, and the remaining 75% will go to the artist.

General Conditions

  • This exhibition is open to all students and parents of the Wahroonga Public School, as well as all members of the public, aged 5 and above (children will need their parent’s consent).
  • Once entered into the exhibition, works cannot be removed, re-arranged or re-valued by the artist or parent/carer. By submitting your entry form you agree to the conditions of entry as outlined here.
  • All entries must consist of artworks (painted, printed or drawn) on A3-size stretched canvas or A3-size art paper that is suitable for the medium chosen. All artworks are to be presented unframed.
  • The completed entry form must be submitted before or with the completed artwork before the closing time of 4pm on 30 August 2019, along with the $10 entry fee, at the Wahroonga Public School. Entries submitted after the closing date will not be accepted.
  • The Wahroonga Public School P&C will exercise reasonable care with all works submitted, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever to any work while in its custody.
  • Artists must stipulate whether their work is for sale or just for exhibition. Each work for sale will be priced at either $20, $40 or $60 at the discretion of the Wahroonga Public School P&C. In addition, 20 of the entries will be selected for a silent auction at the Spring Fair. Established artists may include a business card to be displayed with their work.
  • The Wahroonga Public School P&C will receive 25% of all sales at the exhibition, with the remainder going to the artist. The artist will be responsible for any GST component where applicable.

How to Submit Your Work

  • Mediums can include painting, drawing or printmaking. Designs may go right to the edge of the A3 paper, or may be completed within an A4-size space in the centre of the A3 paper. Designs must cover an entire A3 stretched canvas.
  • Do not frame your artworks. All artworks must be submitted with the completed registration form (if you haven’t already completed and submitted the form online) and the $10 entry fee. You may also include a business card to be displayed with your work if you are an established artist.
    ~ Artworks on paper are to be placed in an A3 envelope. On the back of your artwork as well as the envelope, please write in pencil your First and Last Name, your Age (if under 18), and the Title of your artwork.
    ~ Artworks on stretched canvas are to be submitted with a D-ring secured one-third from the top of the artwork on each side. Please write your First and Last Name, your Age (if under 18), and the Title of your artwork on the back of the canvas.
  • The Wahroonga Public School P&C reserves the right to reject works at any stage for non-professional presentation, or if the subject is not suitable for viewing by children.
  • We will be collecting your artwork at the Wahroonga Public School, 71 Burns Rd, Wahroonga, from Wednesday 31 July – on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8am to 9.15am, and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 2.45pm to 4pm. To arrange collection before this date or at alternate times, please contact us.

Publicity & Marketing

  • The exhibition will be promoted heavily via media releases, on various social media and on The Art Spy website (theartspy.com.au).
  • You will receive an electronic invitation to the exhibition via email, which we encourage you to email to your personal contacts and place on your own social media pages. Also, feel free to like The Art Spy Facebook page @TheArtSpy and share our updates about the exhibition with your friends.