How to Photograph Your Art

Photographing your artwork with a camera or smartphone is quite easy, once you learn how to master these few simple tips and tricks.

  • Most importantly, use loads of natural light (but not direct sunlight) to photograph your work. Cloudy days are best. Artificial light can make your art look yellow and dull.
  • Make sure the light is hitting the front of your work. If your art is backlit it will photograph very dark and your colours won’t shine through.
  • Hang your art on a wall. If it is leaning against a wall, chair or easel it won’t sit square in your photo.
  • Line up your art so that it sits as big as it can within your camera view and the edges are as square as possible. Now hold your camera very still to take the photo — use a tripod if you have one.
  • Edit your photo by cropping any edges outside the frame of your work. DO NOT USE ANY FILTERS as this will falsely depict your art.
  • Ensure that your saved image is large — at least 2 megs.
  • Finally, submit your photo to The Art Spy to sell your amazing art.

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