How To Add Your Artwork

It really is quite simple to add an artwork to your gallery shop. And once you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll be an old hand at it! 

Before you start, you will need a good-quality photo of your artwork – see How to Photograph Your Art. You will then need to resize it so that it is 1000px wide (length doesn’t matter).

Now, just follow the steps below to add your artwork to your gallery…

 STEP 1 

Under the For Artists… tab on the home page, scroll to the first option and click on My Gallery. Scroll to Products on the left menu, then across to Add New and click. You should now be on the Add Product page.

 STEP 2 

Where it says ‘product title’, write the title of your artwork. Now, add a price. Remember that postage will be $5 to $25 on average, so make sure you account for this. And if you are registered for the GST, you will need to factor this into your cost as well.

 STEP 3 

Under ‘short description’ add the details of your work, as below…

ARTIST: Jane Doe
MATERIALS: Acrylic on stretched canvas (ready to hang)
SIZE: 20cm (W) x 20cm (H)

Use the ‘b’ in the menu of this section to bold the words ‘artist’, ‘materials’ and ‘size’.

 STEP 4 

Under ‘description’ this is where you can get a little creative describing your work. You can explain how you arrived at the subject, how you painted it, talk about any back story, or just explain what it’s about…

e.g. A vibrant display of fruit in and out of the bowl, and a jug of … well … fruit juice, probably.

 STEP 5 

At the right, choose a category from the menu that this artwork fits into. If you like you can also add a few ‘tags‘. These are words that describe your work and help search engines find your art. Just list each word, separated by a comma, then hit ‘return’ on your keyboard.

e.g. seascape, fish, ocean

 STEP 6 

Now add the photos. Your photos MUST BE hi-resolution (at least 2 megs) and 1000px wide to fit in with our gallery design. It’s easy to resize them on your computer. If you don’t know how, email them to us and we’ll do it for you. Just click on the image of the ‘mountains’ in the large box, then drag your photo into the image gallery. You can add other images of your artwork if you like by clicking on the smaller box with the ‘mountains’, such as an example of what it looks like hung, or the back of the artwork to show the frame. It’s up to you.

 STEP 7 

Finally, scroll down the page and add ‘1’ to the SKU under Inventory, and then check the Sold Individually box.

 STEP 8 

Now your product is ready for display on The Art Spy. You can hit the Submit button on the bottom right of the page, or choose ‘Save Draft’ if you want to come back to it and make changes before it goes live.


NOTE: If at any time you are struggling to add a product, please email us at, and we can call and talk you through it, or do it for you.